My fee structure varies depending on the location, whether daytime or evening appointments are required and duration.

Initial consultations for Sex Addiction  or for Partners of Sexual Addicts last for 90 minutes and may include a Sex Addiction Assessment if appropriate.

I offer a limited number of reduced fee appointments in Central London. I can also offer telephone counselling and counselling by on line secure video link for those clients who live a distance away.

I charge for all appointments including initial consultations.

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From our clients

"I found Karen to be an understanding and patient therapist. She supported me in my own journey into recovery and helped me to realise that my healing was as important as that of my partner. She helped me navigate through a very difficult time and provided links to other resources which were also useful. She helped me to see that there was hope and that my relationship could survive and even thrive. I would not hesitate to recommend her services."

Partner of a Sexual Addict in Recovery

"I first started working with Karen in November 2016. I was made to feel comfortable from the very beginning sharing deeply personal and emotional problems that were shaping my life at the time. Thanks to her help, care, understanding, patience and commitment to me I learnt to value myself, build self-confidence, improve my relationship with my family and work towards achieving my dream of a different career which seemed like an absolute impossibility at the time. I have broken free of the cycle of addiction which I was in and now feel like a completely different person."

Recovered Sex Addict

All through my adult life I indulged in pornography, but with the advent of the internet it became an overwhelming compulsion. I kidded myself I could control it; in reality it consumed my life, changing my behaviour, taking up huge amounts of time and altering my relationships with those near to me. Going to Karen for help quite literally has saved my life – a real expert in this field of behaviour and its treatment. Her approach is understanding but firm. Firstly she enabled me to fully accept porn as an addiction and the profound damage it does not only to the addict but those close to them; secondly she provides a really effective structure with which to control the behaviour, and thirdly she helped me to understand exactly why this behaviour had had such a powerful hold over me. If you are in the grip of pornography you could do no better than getting in touch with Karen.

Recovered Porn Addict

When we first came to see Karen she acted as a bridge across a yawning chasm between us. With her help the gulf has been closed, but the bridge is still there should we feel the need to use it. We have rediscovered the love we have for each other and we now laugh a lot together.

Couples Counselling

"She saved our Marriage"

Couples Counselling