Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction is a ‘label’ that is often misused, and a problem which is largely misunderstood. If you are unsure whether you have a sex addiction I can offer you an in depth assessment. I work with individuals whose pattern of sexual behaviour feels unhealthy for them. Often sexually compulsive behaviour is causing themselves and/or their loved one considerable distress. This is not about  ‘cheating’ or having a high sex drive. The behaviour has often escalated to a level which feels out of control; increasingly risky; and is having a huge impact on their life with negative consequences.  My clients often find themselves at crisis point, potentially about to lose their partner/wife/family because they are unable to stop the behaviour despite promises to do so.  Some are putting their jobs at risk, others their health; and maybe even their liberty if the behaviour has strayed into illegal territory.

Commonly, today, with the popularity of smart phones, tablets and other devices, the prevalence and accessibility of internet porn and sex chat rooms has become a real problem for some. Excessive porn use is often the gateway to a whole host of other activities …such as engaging in internet sex chat, inappropriately using social media, visiting massage parlours and paid sex workers, engaging in multiple sexual affairs..the list goes on.

Sex and Porn Addiction can be treated, but it requires specialist skills and knowledge.

I hold the Professional Certificate in Sexual Addiction Treatment, and have done extensive training to enable me to offer assessment and treatment to those who are experiencing distress or shame around their sexual behaviour.

I also work with and support the partners of those with addiction problems.

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